Haiku#beggar child

Stump tugs heart beg ten

I fund next kid’s amputation 

Instant charity’s sin

Whenever I see an outstretched hand of beggar child banging on my car window I go through turmoil of dilemma- to give or not to give? The vacant eyes without any light of hope , the pleading incessant voice coaxing me to help , promising blessing to my kith and kin . Gamut of emotions go through me- pity, sympathy, guilt , shame, helpless irritation etc. If I give ,the feeling of doing good does not last for more than a fleeting moment and I am plagued by guilt of helping the cruel begging Mafia. Maybe one more kid gets kidnapped and forced to beg. May be one more child’s limbs are chopped off to incite pity in people to empty their wallets. And if I don’t give carefully avoiding the beggar child’s eyes and wait for the traffic light to go green I see the receding gaunt childhood in my rear window and feeling of smallness and meanness permeate my being. Again the dilemma To Give Or Not To Give?


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