Bajiraomastaani- review

Bajirao Mastaani an opulent epic drama is worth watching in several counts. Foremost just to prove that sometimes your deep set prejudices against a person, in this case Sanjay Leela Bhansali can be challenged! Some of mine were, though unfortunately Bhansali did spoil things by needlessly inserting the typical Bhansali stuff ! But I am glad that I watched this movie which did overcome the bad taste still lingering from Ramleela!The movie is a visual treat with each frame given fine detailing and effort. The colours of the pallete made significant by their usage to describe joy, ecstasy, hope, love, longing, war, politics and religion. Many scenes are reminiscent of Mughal-e-Azam and few sets straight from Raja Ravi Verma paintings especially with Kashi ( Priyanka Chopra) in it. Ranveer is excellent quite unlike his usual forced flamboyant persona he takes great effort to exude and goes overboard with. This time he has done it just right! Deepika looked and acted well but somehow I felt something missing! Maybe the director could have concentrated a little more on giving her a few more dialogues and sustaining her character than on her costumes. Somewhere in the middle the poor soul felt lost ! As a warrior princess who is ready to fight crippling orthodoxy, social and religious opposition for the sake of her love , somehow I found the passion missing especially in the second half! And Kashi ( Priyanka) did steal the show!

Now for the typical Bhansali stuff which he should have abstained from to take this movie several notches higher- firstly what pervert pleasure Bhansali gets by making two women vying for the same man dance together in bonhomie. He did the sacrilege to Sharat Chandra’s Devdas by making Paro and Chandramukhi dance together in Dola re ! I don’t care for the wonderful music and choreography of the song if it murders the story! He does it again in Bajirao Mastaani by making Mastaani and Kashi dance together in Pinga! Even Malhaari song seemed superfluous and forced! Wish he had used the time instead to delve deeper into the intricacies of relationships between the main characters or the court intrigue and conspiracies. Too much of it wasn’t felt because he failed to show it! And the climax melodrama could have been replaced. Had he abstained from ‘Bhansaliness’a little more he could have dug deeper into psyche of characters and his audience would have been rewarded equally with cerebral and emotional treat as they were with visual feast!

But then I shouldn’t expect moon from Bhansali though he stands redeemed a lot after this movie more so for his conviction and efforts which shows in every frame. A must watch movie on several counts besides being a worthy alternative to escape the Shahrukh horror- Dilwale! 

But my best movie of the year vote goes to Tamasha followed by Bahubali and Tanu weds Manu (2). 



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