Look at the pain 

Naked and ugly

Without draping

It with rationality

Let it torment 

depth of soul

Without numbing 

It with philosophy 

Let it pervade

 Your entire being

Without blocking 

It with consolation 

Let it drown

Your hurting heart

Without bandaging

It with fake smile 

Feel it, live it, endure it

Till the time it heals you

To deny pain

Is to prolong the suffering 

To hide from it

Is to deny your conscience- 

Opportunity to awake 

Chance to evolve

Embracing it as truth

Without questioning it

Needs strength,courage

But makes you alive

Shunning it as problem

Or hastening for solution 

Is shallow and easier

But makes you die

Slowly in bits and pieces

Till you are feigning life

And living your death

The saddest part is, only

your soul knows the difference 

But you never stop to listen  

– Shalini 



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