I look at my last year’s picture 

Yes I looked beautiful as you said

I look at my face in the mirror 

My sad eyes gaze back with depth

My beauty has seeped within me

Yes I feel beautiful more than ever

Sorrow blessed me eternal beauty

Peace creased my wrinkled soul

Shallow of your may not see it yet

Thanks for gifting me sorrow! 




Want to retrace my fingers

 on the skin of your shoulder 

travel down to small of your back

and reach the point where

I did not touch your skin

and wrote ‘I love you forever!’  



दुआ माँगी है यह आज तुम्हारे लिए

महसूस कर सको तुम्हें इतना दर्द मिले

क्यूँकि टूटे -दूखते दिल से बहुत बुरा है

सीने में तुम्हारे दिल का यूँ पतथर होना