Travelling the same road

crossing the same bridges

You neither the destination

nor my travelling companion 

Kaleidoscope of memories blind me with tears

series of flashbacks ambush me

churn the couldron of emotions within

Kids selling flowers at the traffic lights

see bunch of red roses I bought you once

thorns you gifted then prick still

See aeroplane about to land

stirs memories of blissful reunions

after seasons of separation 

Anxiety to reach you in time

eagerness to see your face 

impatient kisses 

lingering touches 

melting embraces…

Then recall missing luggage tags

leading to one flight ticket of a prior date

exposing deceit and false claims

Heart stabbed by betrayal dagger again

pieces of my trust lay scattered on the floor

covered by dust of broken promises 

Slowly pick up the pieces 

 glue it with your apologies

wrap it as tattered blanket

around my frozen heart

It thaws slowly with time

beating in whispers for you

how could you break it again

like your fragile promises?



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