I love poetry because………..
Poetry is different from any other form of writing. In any other form I can spin beautiful words and imagery and still write something which doesn’t come from my heart or touch other’s ! Prose can be written purely by intellect and read only by intellect. It’s like writing what I feel I should write to appeal to the readers, to make it sound good and interesting! The absence of heart shows in long winding sentences, vocabulary used to impress, ideas planted to conform or rebel. There is lot of scope for manipulation for writer in prose. 

Poetry is more honest and insightful form of expression. It doesn’t leave space to hide. The shorter it is more brutal it is in speaking the truth. It is the most genuine form of writing drawn from feelings actually experienced by the writer directly or indirectly. Poetry is writing what I feel and making the reader feel what I write! It touches the chords of people’s heart. It gives clarity of words to reader’s own feelings. Poetry becomes brilliant when emotions marry intellect! 
It may not mean anything to a person whose heart is not yet open for experiencing and expressing naked feelings. It may not make sense to people who have only coldness of intellect at their disposal. It may be a wasteful pursuit of the sentimental or overly sensitive person in the eyes of people who literally conduct their life as business.

 Poetry is the most courageous form of expression. It can also intimidate people who are timid to travel inside their souls and face their own truthful demons . Beneath every milestone lay so many of thoughts and sentiments hurriedly buried in subconscious. To hold your feelings to scrutiny is an onerous task. Poetry is exhumation of all that which got buried inside while wearing the mask of conformity.

Poetry is not about rhyming. Trying to rhyme the words should be left after graduating from kindergarten! Or it should be left to rappers who have still not mentally left kindergarten. Poetry is also not writing paragraphs and paragraphs extolling the beauty of a flower, a landscape or a lover making the reader reach out for dictionary or thesaurus for every word or study and submit it for his Doctorate in literature!
Poetry for me is writing in simple words about complexities of simple feelings like love, hurt, loss, suffering. These are the pitfalls where we stumble, get discordant , lie to ourselves and others . 

Poetry is the mirror we are scared to look into as it reflects back our truth!




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