Saluting Martyrs! 

 They chose to serve, didn’t they?

Why respect them more for the career they chose

– And so say my citizens

They joined Army to die didn’t they?

Why such hue and cry when they do die?

– And so say my politicians 

They knew the danger of their job didn’t they?

Isn’t death inevitable part of their choice?

– And so say my bureaucrats

They oppress the ‘poor terrorists’ and die of retribution 

They violate the ‘human rights’ of people who kill

– And so say my intellectuals

Their ‘insignificant’ death can run as scroll below

They are less than the abuses of leaders we discuss 

– And so say my journalists

They die for our ‘flag’ but we will not salute it

They come back wrapped in our ‘flag’- big deal!

– And so say my students 

They are trained to help us when nature strikes

They should be pelted with stones when flood subsides

– And so say my ‘people’

They donn olive and colour me red saving life of my ‘billions’

Yes they do their job and do it well! 

– And so salutes their proud ‘Motherland’