What is more difficult? 

she wonders

Prove his lies are false 


Prove her truth is gospel

What is more painful?

She reflects

Forget her hurting heart and craving body


Reminding her heart and body

That her lover didn’t really love

What is more important?

She ponders

Gather pieces of her heart and glue them with hate


Let each broken piece of her heart become ‘love’

What actually happened 

She recollects 

Did she lose a person not worthy of her love


Did she become  worthy of love of the world 



क़लम खामोश रख दी मैंने 

जब हर लफज मे ख़याल तुम्हारा हुआ

नहीं पलटे अपनी डायरी के पन्ने 

जब हर नज़्म में ज़िक्र तुम्हारा हुआ

वादों की तरह तोड़ने लगे मेरा दिल

जब कर लिया यकीन यह तुम्हारा हुया 

समेट ली रोशनी जिसमें चमक रहे थे तुम

सुरज मेरा था, तुम समझ बैठे तुम्हारा हुआ

Translation in English 


I kept my pen silent

When every word thought of you

I didn’t flip pages of my diary

When every poem talked of you

Like promises you started breaking my heart

When you believed it became yours

I wound the light in which you were shining

Sun was mine and you thought it was yours


“Mirror ! Mirror ! in my life!

Who is the fairest of us all?”

You my Lord!’- I replied 

I was once your favourite mirror

When you looked at me

You looked at yourself 

Through my reflection 

You wanted me to reflect 

All the amazing persona

You pretended to be

I looked back at you adoringly 

Making you believe your own lies

I did not know better

I believed what I saw

You preened in front of me

I complimented your personality 

You looked at me intensely 

I was seduced by your charm 

You sulked and brooded 

I searched for your smile

You ignored my presence 

I apologised for your ‘silence’

You occasionally glanced at me

I shone to make you look better

Your dirt made you look ugly

I was cleaned by my tears

But mirrors are mirrors

They get broken

A stone of truth hit me one day

I saw you without your mask

I saw the void in your cloak

I broke into pieces

Your cracked image terrified you

Even more than it scared me

I accepted your broken soul

But you hated your ugly self 

You ridiculed my flaw

You devalued my worth

You punished my truth

You denied my senses

You bullied me to comply

But I couldn’t reflect your ‘perfect self’

And you couldn’t accept your ‘true self’

You left cursing me

You broke me some more

Flinging few more stones in my way

You may now be searching few new mirrors 

Or dusting some old discarded ones

Anyone will suffice 

As long as they voice

‘You are fairer than all! My Lord!’

But there is a problem you see
Mirrors are mirrors

They do break

Sooner or later 

With lies in your head

And stone in your heart

They will break 

sooner than later!

आज़ाद हूँ मैं

याद आया है आज तू कुछ इस तरह

छुटी पुरानी लत याद आती है जैसे

सोचा तुझे मैंने आज कुछ इस तरह

भूली पुरानी ज़िद मेरी हो जैसे 

एहसास हुआ तेरा आज कुछ इस तरह

भरे पुराने जखम की टीस हो जैसे

ख़्वाब में देखा तुझे आज कुछ इस तरह

किसी पुराने ख़्वाब की भूली याद हो जैसे

ख़याल तेरा आज सहेजा कुछ इस तरह

पढ़ा हुआ पुराना अख़बार हो जैसे

सुना तेरी ख़ामोशी को आज कुछ इस तरह

तेरे ‘मैं ‘ के शोर से अब आज़ाद हूँ जैसे

लिखा तुझे मैंने आज कुछ इस तरह

मेरे अल्फ़ाज़ में बेगानी कहानी हो जैसे

Translation in English 

I am free

Remembered you today like

Memory of cured old addiction

Thought of you today like 

Forgotten old wilfulness of mine

Felt you today like

Sting of an old healed scar

Saw you in my dreams today like

Some old dream’s forgotten memory 

Kept your thoughts today like

Read old newspaper 

Heard your silence today like

Am liberated from your noise of ‘I’

I wrote you today like

Someone’s else story in my words

She Was

She was the mirror you shattered 

When you didn’t like your face

She was the words you silenced

When you couldn’t take the blame 

She was the silence you questioned

When she didn’t play the game

She was the heart you broke

When you couldn’t justify its love

She was the soul you ignored 

When you couldn’t deny its presence 

She was the love you betrayed 

When you couldn’t feel the same

She was the river you looted

When you couldn’t fill your void 

She was the sun you tasted on your tongue

When you couldn’t quench the dark thirst within 

She was the voice you muffled

When you couldn’t retrace your steps

She was the turn in your way

When you chose to fumble straight 

She was Everything you lost that had come to you

When you envied her for what she gave you

And hated her for what you couldn’t!

हौले से

उसकी मुहबबत ने छिनी थी जो हिम्मत 

जुदाई उसकी हौले से लौटा रही है मुझे

न पाने की तमन्ना है न उसे खोने का डर

अलहयदगी हौले से सुकून लौटा रही है मुझे 

उसके इशक की बेख़ुदी में गुज़ार दिये बरसो

बेपरवाई हौले से होश लौटा रही है मुझे

उसकी नज़दीकियों से परेशां ही रहा दिल

फ़ासला उससे होले से रास आ रहा है मुझे

Translation in English 


The courage which his love snatched             from me

His separation is returning it to me………..slowly 

Their is neither desire to have him nor fear to lose him

Breaking up from him is returning my calm ………..slowly 

Spent many years unaware in his love 

Indifference is returning my senses ……………slowly 

Intimacy with him only brought trouble to my heart

Distance from him is suiting me ……………slowly 


इतना सुकून देगी कभी जुदाई तेरी

काश तेरे मिलने से पहले पता होता

मंज़िल का पता देंगे कभी

तुझसे दूर जाते क़दम

जान जाते तो हाथ थाम तेरा

न तय बेमानी सफ़र किया होता

सच! तुझसे मिलने से पहले रास्ता 

हमने अपना बदल दिया होता

Translation in English 


So much peace will your separation bring someday

Wish I knew it the day before I met you

Had I known that my

Footsteps going away from you

Will show destination 

I won’t have done this futile journey holding your hand

I would have changed my path

Before I met you